Tech Friday: Free online email services compared

Posted By on June 8, 2012

Like many long time Internet users, I have signed up and used my share of free client based and online email services over the years. One from back in the 90s that American Express offered was free to small business customers,gmail-hotmail-yahoo but ended up spun off and turned fee based a decade ago. Since I’m married to this for business, I continue to pay the annual amount. Others started as free services and turned paid (like are no longer necessary and have been discarded. Others remain free and seem to get regular tweaks and improvements;  they are a good fit for the cloud-based direction we seem to be headed.

The big three, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Google’s Gmail and Yahoo Mail, have been improved over the years and continue to offer a great free service. Personally I’m still like of Gmail (probably because I’m use to it), but noticed a chart (below) which might make Hotmail (or email) an excellent option you aren’t already attached to a favorite. If you need a new or “another” email address, perhap Hotmail is worth a second look … especially if you send and receive larger attachments like photos and video (great from a mobile device or tablet).

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