House and yard chores, as well as painting wicker furniture

Posted By on July 7, 2012

Oh it has been hot … way too hot to work out in the yard … but with the mid-week July 4th holiday and quirky work schedule, paintingwicker120706it seemed like a good time to spend some hours on home and yard chores. Taylor and his buddy Michael have been contracted (they need the money) to stain the fence … and I’ve been working on finishing up  the mulching and landscaped beds started by Taylor.

I’ve also been working on putting the front porch back together after adding the pavers this spring. That meant a lot of cleaning and de-cobwebbing the painted ceiling and pillars (they need paint too) … as well as powerwashing the bricks and sidewalks.

Besides the actual front porch, I’m repairing, stripping loose paint, priming and spraying two coats of oil based white paint on a wicker chair and loveseat. These are a couple items that Brenda purchased at one of her addictive Everything But The House estate sales to put on the porch. Thankfully the wicker is sturdier than I thought, but I do question the effort it is going to take to keep them clean and looking good. Maybe we should get covers made for them?


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