Visiting parents and tinkering with MBG timing and carb

Posted By on July 22, 2012

It was nice to spend Saturday at home after traveling this past week although I did enjoy Thursday evening with Brenda’s mom and dad and then Friday evening with my mom at the rehab/nursing facility. Mom is improving a little bit … emphasis on “little.” Hopefully we are turning the corner? Surprisingly I actually do enjoy doing the  few odds mbgwheeland end chores (light bulbs, moving a few things, dump run, etc) for my in-laws as they are always so appreciative. One particular task for my father-in-law is the filing of his dental practice’s yearly retirement tax return which can only be done online — an irritant for him to be sure. All in all it was a busy, but enjoyable week of travel (and there was rain!).

Speaking of spending Saturday at home, I postponed my chores list to tinker a bit more on the MGB. Having been frustrated with getting the car to run smoothly after putting in the new cam and machined head last year, I worked a bit more on timing and tuning the Weber downdraft carburetor. Ah … finally it seems to be running a little better (Short “start, stop and idle” cellphone video clip below).


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