Advice – wait a a minute before sending a hot-tempered email

Posted By on November 4, 2012

Discussing politics can get a person in hot water with friends and family (thankfully in my case it is not with family). Unfortunately after I posted my blog commentary on Saturday regarding a local GOP rally held in our town Friday night, I obviously ruffled the feathers of a friend who has views that differ from mine. sanddollarsMy conservative views are probably only agreed with by 50% of the nation, but I figure most people (particularly friends) are respectful of  thoughtful mainstream thinking. But, this friend surprised me at just how aggressive and nasty a friend could respond – thankfully it was by email. I’m not sure if I should apologize for getting them upset … or should expect one? I’m hoping the email can be chalked up to partisan anger and venting and being too quick with the send button … or me just being a little hypersensitive?

Generic to all: I apologize if my views and political ideology offend you, but just know that I respect your views. Having different views on the role of government is our lives is our right … and for me has no bearing on friendship.

Having said that, I’m probably no different than most in knowing people steeped in one particular party or the other … or having different philosophies as to what kind of government or leaders are best for our country (probably the same can be said about  religion). For the most part, I enjoy political discussions with those who think different than me (key word “think”) because discussion and debate helps me tailor my position. Rarely am I offended by those who have well thought out views … I would like to believe they think the same of me?

As for nasty and angry emails, maybe it is the intensity of these finally few days before we hold an important nation shaping election. The stakes are high and the emotions even higher. The vision from each party is clear – either we want more government oversight and involvement as President Obama seems to prefer, or return to American founding philosophies of a smaller, limited government expandingpeace an individuals’ freedoms (and with that personal responsibility). Which ever way you vote, be thoughtful and vote wisely.

By the way, the photo above has nothing to do with this post,
it was a box of sand dollars we have collected over the years.
Seeing it made me think of “peace”ful times walking on the beach.


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