Tech Friday: Protect your expensive phone for resale sake

Posted By on January 11, 2013


Here’s a helpful “Tech Friday” post that is really just some smart advice – it has nothing to do with the photo of Tootsie above except that it was taken with the iPhone 5. Anyway, a client of mine regularly upgrades his high end phone (and now his iPad) every 2 years as permitted by his cellphone contract and takes advantage of the subsidized plans like most of us in the U.S. As a gadget guy, he looks forward to new in phone, tablet and computer technology, even though a new phone requires some out of pocket costs to upgrade. Most of us toss our old phones in a drawer or box, but could be selling that relatively useful phone if it were new enough and in good shape.

His advice:
“Buy a top end desirable/popular phone and put it in a protective case as it improves the resale value of a two year old phone. Listing a “like-new” phone on eBay without a contract sells quickly and the $100-$200 can covered the out of pocket costs of a new phone.” (his last two “like-new” phones sold for enough to cover the cost of new phones and he’s been pretty successful in selling to upgrading his iPads too)

Just a personal comment on switching to the iPhone 5 from the Palm Pre. I had though that I would miss the physical keyboard, but have been shock at just how quickly I’ve adapted to iOS and the virtual keyboard. I have very few gripes about it and will continue to rave about the excellent camera … what an improvement over the old Palm Treo and Palm Pre. (above is a normally lit indoor photo and below is a macro of a flower using the camera on the iPhone 5) 

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