Simple carburetor for Volkswagen aircraft conversions

Posted By on April 25, 2013

This is really just an archive of a message to the guy who purchase my project. He indicated that the parts have successfully been permitted into China and inquired on what carburetor he should put on the engine. The Aerovee kit was tested with an Ellison but it was my intent to use an AeroInjector (previously AeroCarb) on the 4 cylinder air-cooled Volkswagen based engine based on simplicity.

Simplicity in form and function! Utilizing what hydraulic and pneumatic engineers call the "perfect flow passage" AeroInjector_32the AeroInjector (formerly known as AeroCarb) achieves outstanding performance versatility! AeroInjector body parts are precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum billets.

There are only two moving parts… no float bowls or secondary jets to complicate things. A fine adjustment metering needle provides clean burning, smooth running, outstanding response, and fuel economy. Spigot or flange mounts easily adapt to popular aircraft and auto conversion engines. AeroInjector’s intake design accepts air filters or carb heat ducts.

The AeroInjector is available in 2 sizes and with any combination of spigot (top left) or flange (left) intake manifold and air box/air filter mounts, serving engines producing 30-125 horsepower.

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