What does it take to be WSJ’s startup of the Year?

Posted By on July 1, 2013


I’ve voted for two of the listed small startup ventures that the WSJ editors believe could be worthy of going public and have listed in their WSJ Startup of the Year pages. Personally I’m pulling for PlanetReuse Marketplace seeing it as a way to use technology to network recycled building materials to those who could use them. We waste far too much and could do much better than just filling landfills with building debris (currently 40% of all landfill waste). This startup uses a QR-coded connected database that would make it much easier to connect a buyer to a seller of recycled materials – Ebay should buy this company.

As far as total votes, Speek.com is generating the most interest and although they have and easy to use conference calling service, it really isn’t anything new. I played with it today on a couple of calls and it wasn’t bad … but nothing new. Here’s a listing of how the top 13 stand as of July 1, 2013.




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