A VW TDI GTG on Saturday and stopped to see Katelyn and Drew

Posted By on June 30, 2013

Click for larger panarama at Aaron’s (Growler) VW TDIClub GTG on Saturday

Owning a diesel car again after a couple year hiatus (Katelyn’s doesn’t count) was a weak excuse to go to a TDIClub GTG in Millersport, Ohio on Saturday, but took the Mercedes Benz 300D to the Volkswagen diesel gathering just the same – I was shunned but not kicked out.

 growlerstdigtg_130628a growlerstdigtg_130628d

Since Aaron’s place is somewhat close to Columbus I also connected with my daughter Katelyn and Drew and enjoyed a late lunch at the Brazenhead in Grandview with them. We had a nice time.

growlerstdigtg_130628c growlerstdigtg_130628b

Also connected with a few old-timer TDI guys (like me) – Glen (L) and Bruce (R).


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