New shoes! Woohoo, another pair of Sperry sailing shoes

Posted By on October 22, 2013

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With a $25 coupon about to expire, I decided to buy a new pair of grippy Sperry SeaRacer Sneakers. These boat shoes were not exactly what I expected as they were much lighter in weight and lighter in construction than any “sneaker” I’ve ever had. In fact, they were almost wimpy.  But … after wearing them around the house, I started to appreciate the lightweight and tactile feel.


On Monday evening I decided to wear them out on the pool decking and noticed that the breathable material keeps the foot nice and cool (a little too cool for 40s and 50s), but there is a downside to this ventilation  — the breathable construction leaks water. Of course that is the designed purpose as well.  The “water shoe” works best on wet decks and the design functions to drain seawater out. Unfortunately if you don’t want wet feet, or wet socks, you better not step in a puddle or walk on wet grass. For this reason I may just have to leave them on the boat, as they are not made for daily “sneaker” wear?

Another critique for those looking at this shoe is that the initial comfort could be better. In fact, I’m not the only person to complain that this shoe quickly rubs one’s pinky toe raw, especially if you wear them barefoot all day. Plan on a couple blisters if you intend to break them in fast or toughen up the tops of your toes.


sandpaper inside                                              October 4, 2013

No other shoe will give you instant blisters on your little toe like these shoes. They are designed to be worn without socks but you need to wear socks to stop the blisters. In other words they are a failure in what they were designed for, so unfortunate.


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