The Freedompop MiFi500 4G LTE hotspot finally arrived

Posted By on October 15, 2013

I don’t have time to play with a new gadget just yet, but did I received the new Freedompop MiFi 500 hotspot today — it was ordered on August 22. From a quick wireless connection I think it is going to be a reasonable replacement in order to connect to the Internet while traveling. When I switch from the Palm Pre to the iPhone a year or so ago so I lost that ability to tether and opted to give the FREE services offered by Freedompop a try.  
So far, so good. Like my previous hotspots, it runs on the Sprint network but this time with a  4G LTE radio, but with a 3G fall back capability. Sprint has been behind Verizon and AT&T in their LTE roll out, but I’m seeing them pop on and off in a few more Ohio location lately (Dayton, Cincinnati). The original Photon was 4G Wimax only (really very nice but with limited footprint) and the Overdrive Pro offering 4G Wimax and 3G but it was a big disappointment. My hope is that with the new MiFi device that I’ll have decent battery life and consistent connections and speed … especially when I’m at the boat in Florida (the map looks good).


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