My first amateur radio emergency Tactical Net

Posted By on November 16, 2013

This morning was spent working on the leaves again, but I took a break this afternoon to be part of the Butler Country Amateur Radio Association’s (BCARA) emergency communications network (W8WRK). One of my “senior” contacts in the amateur radio club asked if I could do some volunteer community service and represent the Middletown area of the county in the quarterly Tactical Net. As a rookie, I wanted to say “no,” but opted to give it a try for an hour this afternoon. Thankfully it was simpler than I thought and besides programming the primary and backup repeaters in my radio required mostly acknowledgment of “Full quieting” and “Full copy” of messages. The only issue we had was with the Oxford tactical and his ground plane antenna set-up. As soon as he moved his rig to the car mount antenna even with fewer watts all was good.


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