Our cup, plate and bowl inventory doubled this week

Posted By on January 10, 2014

IMG_2472Besides getting together for a visit with family this past weekend, another reason we traveled up to western New York was to continue the clearing out of the old farmhouse. One of the more functional home items that we came back from my mother-in-law’s kitchen were additional matching everyday cups, plates and bowls. Surprisingly we had the same plain white design (I should have remembered) and so it worked out well as one of Brenda’s “picks” from her parent’s house.

I’m thankful that we have time to slowly go through the house and barn before selling the homestead, and that the family is able to divide household items up between the sisters, Mark’s  family (brother) and grandkids. It is not an easy process since certain items hold more financial value or sentimental weight than others … but that’s all part of being a family I guess? In the end, each will appreciate the treasures that they inherit and the wonderful memories they invoke.


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