Extending the life of my notebook computer with a 240GB SSD

Posted By on January 9, 2014

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going to update my old early 2007 Gateway NX570XL notebook computer with “another” new drive 20-721-108-TS(I replace the drive once before with a larger HD when installing Windows 7 in 2010). This time I’ll go with a Kingston 240GB SSD.

I’ve been watching the SSD drives since Cyber Monday and have been tempted by the attractive prices and hopeful speed improvements. This week, a cheap NewEgg 120GB drive was being offered for $69-something with coupon, but was sold out before I could purchase (it was small anyway). The 240GB was “once again” available at the Cyber Monday $129.99 price so I bit. Most likely I would have been smarter to trash the whole bulky and slow notebook, but since a new Macbook Air or Windows ultrabook is not something I’ve budgeted for  this winter or spring, I thought perhaps the improved speed from a SSD drive will keep me satisfied a bit longer … if I can clone my existing boot partition without too many issues? Yet to be seen.

Checking out the HowToGeek.com guide and wondering if there is a better guide? Thoughts?



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