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Posted By on January 20, 2014

Ignore this if you aren’t in the mood for ranting about scheduling practices by many service companies. 
Why is it that companies who handle home services can’t do a better job of scheduling their appointments? Last Thursday the garage door spring broke on the overhead garage door and realizing it was not something I was going to be able to tackle over the weekend, I called to set up a repair while on my snowy drive home — FYI … the broken door was my wife’s side of the garage. I was hoping that the local AE Door and Window Co., who has serviced our doors in the past, would be able to replace the spring on Friday, but because it was not an emergency indicated that they would not be able to be out until Monday. Disappointed, but understandable … and glad to know some businesses are busy. 

Next step … I thought … would be to plan my work day around a scheduled appointment, but instead I was advised to make the entire day available and that the service guy would call me on Monday morning. Great!  [sarcasm] Keep the entire day open! It would be nice if service companies could schedule a least a time slot demonstrating that they are sensitive to a customer’s schedule and time, but no sense bellyaching to the receptionist.

Fast forward after leaving my wife’s finely detailed piece of precision engineering (a joke) outside in the snow, I finally received the morning call at 8:45AM to let me know what time to be available … sometime between 12-4PM … just like the cable company. Come on folks, really? Companies can (and should) do better.

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