Rental car vs my Honda Pilot: “What difference does it make”

Posted By on February 5, 2014

fordfocusrentalJan2014It is about time that I wrapped up the numbers for the recent Florida trip in order to work on the boat. One of the “high level” decisions that I had to make (snicker), was whether to drive my own car down and back with my 300 or so pounds of batteries and gear, or whether to rent a car. If Brenda was along I’m sure that we would have driven the Honda Pilotfor comfort sake, but after running the numbers I decided it would be cheaper to rent a car. My neighborhood Budget has discounted rate for week long rentals and having rented one once before thought I might be able to get pretty good fuel economy?  Unfortunately I was only able to average about 34 mpg down and back hauling batteries, just a little bit better than the time Taylor and I tried the same thing over his spring break. Still, after calculating the $160 week rental plus $206 in regular gasoline, the total car related expense for the trip was $366. If I were to assume “zero” wear and tear on my SUV (not realistic), the fuel cost alone for the 2300 mile round trip would have been $380 … so I saved at least $14! Good decision again.

In family news, Katelyn and Drew were busy making headway planning their move to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Katelyn spent today interviewing and having dinner with a couple places she might be able to put her pediatric medicine skills to use. They are definitely in an exciting time of their lives together … AND the key word is together … they are enjoying it together.



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