Roll Global Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’ ad campaign

Posted By on March 1, 2014


I’m intrigued with marketing and advertising when it comes to what makes people tick. We see something and then decide to buy it.

My education is not in marketing per se, but I know that I respond just as the advertising agency intended once in a pistachioswhile. Sometimes it is a newspaper or magazine ad and sometimes a catchy radio or television piece. Certain ad campaigns trigger the “buy” impulse while others seem like a waste of money. I’m going to have to sit down with a neuroscience friend of Taylor’s (he works for Neilson) the next time he is here and ask him which recent marketing campaigns have been the most successful.

For me, one of the most effective has been the Get Crackin’ campaign by Roll Global’s Wonderful Pistachios … I can’t remember when I “had” to purchase pistachios prior to the catchy and creative commercials … but now I can’t get out of the grocery store without looking at the well positioned pile of nuts! (see video with PSY from the 2013 Super Bowl below – or ALL the videos – if you need a reminder)

What advertising campaign has recently worked on you?


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