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Posted By on April 21, 2014

newacencoreWhile sorting through a few iPhone photos from the past couple of weeks, I realized that I didn’t update my “Air Conditioning on the cheap” post for Encore. The installation went as planned with both the new 4 inch deck plate mounted in the cabin side and adding the new higher shelf and strap setup for the portable AC unit. The loss of hanging storage may be something we regret if the liveaboard life ever becomes a reality, but having 10,000 BTU of cooling for only 9K in wattage is currently a worthwhile tradeoff. The unit will pull about a gallon of water out of the air ever 8-10 hours of running from my initial calculations and  seems to at least “condition” the air in the forward part of the boat (not much help in the aft cabin). It is far more convenient than a companionway “window unit,” cheaper then a built in marine air and way easier to use than the bulky previous Carry-on unit. So far, so good … should even run off my Honda EU 2000i generator at a buggy anchorage?

acdeckcap2014 acdoorclosed2014
The new 4 inch deck cap thru the fiberglass cabin side and AC with the door closed 

While I’m archiving, I’m starting to work on a “coded” storage locker system … here’s my rough sketch of most of the areas which contain something. If I can ever computerize a full shipboard inventory, this “could” help to make things “findable.”



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