Hauled Encore to do a little more work on her bottom

Posted By on May 19, 2014

encoreout1_140516 encoreout2_140516

The title of this post sounds a little risqué when I say it that way, but since a boat is a “she” I’m not sure how else to word it (I’m sure I could find a way.)
Anyway, I burned a cheap ticket before it expired in order to finally pull Encore and replace the depth transducer, powerwash the bottom, re-grind and paint the rust on my iron keel … as well as the prop and shaft again after popping off a few barnacles. The new guy running the lift used the small travellift and I ended up sticking the boat in the mud on first approach to the small pit. I backed out since I was moving slow and was able to enter from the deep side without issue, but the yard needs to dredge their haul out pits.



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