Kudos for Home Depot and their customer service

Posted By on May 20, 2014

paintmatchhomedepotWhile working on the boat this weekend, I also headed down to finally finish up the repairs on the cabinets after replacing a refrigerator last year. It wasn’t an expensive project, but did require a little wood putty, sanding and matching of paint.

By the way, Home Depot deserves a plug for how they handled my small request. The employee went out of his way to read the paint on the cabinet door I brought in. He modified the X-Rite paint scanning machine in order to read the oversized cabinet door panel. Very appreciated.  I’m now a loyal $HD customer (sorry Lowes) and might even look into adding the stock to my portfolio on their next pull back.

The repair went well although I could have done a little more sanding and priming prior to painting … but it wasn’t perfect originally anyway.


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