Over-regulation deters small business entrepreneurship

Posted By on May 11, 2014

Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney comment, in between his entertaining persiflage with Don Imus, struck a chord with me as he highlighted the failures of the closedoutofbusnesssignObama administration’s big  government policies — regulations that are killing small business entrepreneurs.

Stuart Varney with Don Imus (MP3) – May 2014

As someone who started a someone “traditional” business in the 1980s (in contrast to something innovative or high tech), I now recognize how challenging it is to succeed after making family sacrifices and working 24/7 just to pay expenses and meet payroll for years. I’ve often said that if I knew the full extent of the challenge, I may not have fearlessly taken that risk (thanks for ignorance and ambition) and that was before facing the adversary of a heavy handed bureaucracy of today. Even with the wisdom I have gained, I would probably fail if faced with the additional hurdles of entrepreneurs starting businesses today. It is painfully obvious, from those who have gone through this from the ground up, why small businesses are closing. Once upon a time, it use to be that the biggest obstacle for small businesses were their competitors, but now the biggest impediment to success (or survival) is their own government.

It’s the rare business opportunity nowadays that has enough upside potential to overcome the red tape and pitfalls put in place by our growing bureaucracy, not to mention the administrative tax burden. Gone are the days where an ordinary American who is ambitious and hardworking had the chance of achieving the American dream by starting his or her own business. It is still do-able, but not in the traditional and less-innovative small businesses that were the foundation of our country … they either succeeded or failed based on serving customers better than their competitors and willingness to work hard. Today, regulations, taxes, legal liability and excessive penalties for common "learning-curve mistakes" have stymied small business and deter many from believing it is even possible anymore. Americans should be encouraged to start businesses because that is what we need in order to create jobs and grow our economy … not bigger government and more dependency.


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