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Posted By on June 30, 2014

It is nice to know (sarcasm) that with up-to-date inventory systems connected to customers by computer, tablet and smartphone, that companies like Newegg still find ways to remind us that ordering online is not always efficient. Here I am checking to see if my order will arrive as expected today … but instead my order from 3 days ago was just plain canceled – not even backordered (which would have been disappointing enough). Hmm, this is a good way for companies to turn their customers to Amazon.


Thank you for choosing Newegg!

We regret to inform you [3 days late] that we are unable to ship one or more of the items in the order below. While our website may have indicated an in-stock status [it did], one or more items in your order were not in stock at the time your order was to be fulfilled. [only one item in the order – what about backorder as an option?]


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