Weather watching as INVEST91L decides what it is going to do

Posted By on July 1, 2014

invest91l_140630Packing list for this week:

  • Repaired autopilot: ck
  • Tool bag: ck
  • Hurricane prep list: ck
  • Clothes bag: ck
  • Computer bag: ck
  • Weather forecast – pack RAIN GEAR …

Well that last one might not be going quite like I planned. So much for scheduling my trip for Encore’s hurricane prep for the first of July. Yes, I know the season begins June 1st, but really, what were the chances?

Hopefully INVEST91L will just fizzle out or better yet … head north and east and take all the rain and wind with it.

I really need dry weather and light winds in order to strip the sails and bimini as I don’t want to store wet canvas.


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