Archive: My daughter Katelyn is now certified in Pediatrics

Posted By on June 30, 2014

K_NationwideResidencyCert140630After blogging about my kids for years, it is difficult to stop archiving events in their lives, so I might as well mark another milestone for my daughter. Katelyn completed her pediatric residency at Columbus Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital (seems like she just matched) and is anxious to start her practice at Wayzata Children’s Clinic, as well as living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her husband Drew moved to their new place last week and will begin his fellowship a few days while Katelyn is headed that way as I type (drive safe “little” girl). I’m sure leaving Columbus was bittersweet for both as both enjoyed their 3 and 4 years in central Ohio – but I’m sure they will enjoy this next phase too.

EDIT: She sent me this with a “Bye-Bye” as she drove out of Ohio.


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