The purpose of a county planning and zoning department

Posted By on June 26, 2014

When talking about my kids, people know what my daughter Katelyn does when I tell them she is a “pediatrician,” but most have no clue what my son Taylor does when I explain he is a “planner” for Williams County, North Dakota. The usual, “huh?” reply or just the blank look on their face tells it all … never mind the “North Dakota!?!” 

But finally I have some help. This week the Williston Herald published an article explaining to residents what the Williams County Planning and Zoning department does and included quotes from the planning director (pictured below) as well as Taylor (see article).


A planning and zoning department, whether for a city, county or any other entity, is one of those small but critical components of governance that’s easy to overlook and isn’t usually covered in the average American’s primary education. That leads to misunderstandings of the department and how it works.

Planning the county’s future – Williston Herald – (PDF)

EDIT 6/26/2014: Taylor sent a photo from the article from the hardcopy newspaper including a couple photos that were not in the digital version . (also the reporter, Tyler Bell is a Cincinnati guy!)

Planning the county's future

On a more frustrating note, I’m ready to campaign to close down the U.S. Post Office. Don’t ask for another dime!


On June 4th I mailed Taylor’s Birthday present to “his address” expecting June 10 or thereabouts delivery. I paid an acceptable $15.07 for the service, but twenty days later, yesterday (6/24), I received the package back as undeliverable AND had to pay another $15.07 before they would give it back to me. That’s $30.14 in order to ship a package (addressed correctly) and receive it back again! Hmm … and government employees wonder why taxpayers think a private company would be more efficient or at minimum more customer service oriented? Yes, I’m fed up with our inefficient and inept bureaucracy … and don’t even get me started on the VA or IRS.


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