Let’s see how Griffin and Jawbone respond to my complaint

Posted By on July 29, 2014

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FAILED … is a common complaint with the charging and synchronization cables used on portable electronics. First (above), my premium Griffin branded power blocks cord that I use at my desk (not rolled and unrolled) for charging my iPad failed. usbjamboxconnectorI suspect it is the connector, but maybe the cable?

The second is only a near failure. My micro USB Jawbone or possible Jambox cable at the right. I use it regularly since the cable is flexible and the USB plug has a nice flat side making it easier to plug it into my multiple devices needing a charge. My issue is that these “premium cables” should be reinforced a little better since these wires/cables are packaged with premium priced devices.

So I’m going to try a customer service test (will post follow up below). I have sent a politely worded letters to both companies praising their products, but questioning the cheapness of the cables (and in Griffin’s case ask if it may have been a knockoff package in an Ebay purchase?) At any rate, it will be interesting to see if my petty complaint is answered or how each company deals with their customers. Stay tuned.


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