Service call frustrations and personal rant … deuxième partie

Posted By on July 9, 2014

Cable and phone companies generally get the bad rap for arranging questionable appointments and providing disappointing in-home service. Well a third company is in contention for the top spot: AE Door & Window.

Last week we had another spring break in our garage door (different one) and since we could drive a different car, this was not an “emergency” call.  angrybabyI instead politely called to set up the appointment for Monday, which following a holiday weekend was pushed to Tuesday. The service department took a few detailed notes about which door and even commented that he could see that they were recently out to replace a spring. I chuckled ‘yes’ and then asked if they knew what time on Tuesday and if it would be the same technician. He wasn’t sure … but promised to call on Monday so I could schedule the time off … Déjà Vu.

Then late on Monday I received the call that a service technician would be out to replace the spring between 12 – 5pm Tuesday. Ugh! I asked, “can’t you narrow it down a little more?” No not really … that’s how they schedule, but the technician would call 20 minutes before he arrived. Great … my Tuesday afternoon was shot.

Tuesday … the lunch hour, and then some, passes without a phone call. Finally about 3:30pm the technician calls to ask if he can still come later or if he should re-schedule. “NO, no, no, come tonight” I beg, “come tonight” … I’ve been here all day and don’t want to schedule another day off. He arrived about 6:15pm and looks at the spring and says, “I’m not sure I have that one in the truck.” Huh? Another appointment anyway???

He is going to have the office call to set up another appointment and THEN proceeded to fill out his paperwork bill me for $59! I remained calm externally, but was pretty hot under the collar. I refused to paid … and proceeded to leave the office voicemail machine a “frustrated customer” phone call. What would you do?


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