Still loving the Sof Sole insoles for my Sperry Top-siders

Posted By on August 7, 2014


Another year with the Sof Sole inserts in a couple pairs of my well worn Sperry Top-siders. Too bad I’m not making a commission on either the insoles or the shoes, but that doesn’t prevent me from recommending them. If you’ve “smelled up” your original Sperry insoles, or just need a little more cushion, consider ordering a pair of Sof Sole inserts.  I’ve been completely satisfied … except maybe a scrunchy-squeak where the rubber instep meets the leather in on pair of my shoes (note: added tape to stop the squeak).
Open-mouthed smile

A few things you can do to keep your shoes from offending boatshoessperryeven the dog” is to keep shoes dry, or at least dry them before using them again. Consider a second pair and rotate wearing them. Keep your feet clean and do the unmanly thing  and wear a pair of socks or footies that can be washed. I’m not a fan of sprays or powders, but for those with really sweaty feet, Gold Bond or Dr. Scholls  might be a good habit. I’ve tried the Febreze and drier sheet in our shoe cubby, but that has its own “stink.” Finally if you get really desperate to save your smelly shoes, try washing them with laundry detergent and drying in the sun … or maybe even put them in the freezer for a few weeks (the cold is suppose to kill the bacteria … although I’m convinced it just goes dormant).


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