Try this for a Honda Odyssey with a power sliding door problem

Posted By on August 19, 2014

Last week my brother asked me to take a look at my dad’s 2001 Honda Odyssey because the power sliding rear doors had both failed. hondaodysseyThe dealer quoted $200 EACH to fix the door and since both had failed we figured it might not hurt to rule out a fuse or relay. I stopped and took a quick look and all was fine in the well marked under the hood fuse box.

I stop for lunch on my way to north east Ohio with this quirky issue on my mind and decided to see if there might be an issue listed on the Internet. Hmm, maybe, so I scribbled down a few notes and transcribe into an email for my brother to try (he would be the next to see my dad)?

  1. With the ignition in the on position, disable the power door switch on dashboard (not sure it needs to be on though?)
  2. Remove fuse that powers the instrument cluster and the one for the power sliding door in order to reset the door and the clock. Fuse box is under the hood in front of the passenger.
  3. Wait 30 seconds while you manually open and close both sliding doors before putting the fuses back in.
  4. Enable the power door switch on the left dashboard.
  5. Try opening the sliding doors.

My brother wrote back: ron_txtbubble


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