Desultory tidbits: Africa, pre-1938 child labor and satisfaction

Posted By on September 7, 2014

howbigisafricaMost of us see a few posts or images that seem interesting, thought provoking or just surprising. The Desultory tidbit title is a way to toss those collect bits into a miscellaneous post. This week a “size of Africa” map caught my attention as did an post titled “Money can by happiness” in The Economist.

satisfactionindex2013A final photo that had me thinking and tweeting about union labor in the United States made me realized just how difficult life was for some “working” American children before the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act (and 3rd world children today). To the credit of Labor Unions, conditions are much better for workers in today’s United States than they once were, but today’s unions are no longer combating the same conditions, wages or benefits. Unions needs to maintain their oversight, but return a few of the wasted dues to workers and both rise and fall based on membership by choice (Right to Work).



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