My 2006 Honda Pilot hasn’t looked this good in years

Posted By on September 8, 2014

polishinghondapilotIt is not that I’m thinking about replacing my 2006 Honda Pilot just yet, but I was curious this past weekend if the “slightly aggressive” Meguiars polishing compound I used on the old Mercedes-Benz 300D would help return a shine and more importantly remove a few scratches on the Pilot. It definitely improved the shine and after a little light Carnauba wax, looks good … but the deeper scratches are still noticeable. While buffing the paint, I also took the time to touch up a few stone chips on the lip of the hood (hard to avoid).  All in all the 6 hours spent buffing is hard to justify, but it might attract a buyer looking for reliable and low maintenance Honda Pilot “appliance” someday?

Now if I can find a little advice on repairing leather seat seam split, the car will be as good as new. It definitely not bad for a car with almost 200,000 miles!


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