TechFriday: Highlighting one of my favorite apps – Notability

Posted By on January 2, 2015


The slower work days between Christmas and New Years has given me a little time to clean up my files and office, both paper and digital. One productivity app that I’ve been using on my iPad for over 2 years is Notability and I’ve collected a bunch of “notes” and PDFs that have been semi-organized into what Ginger Labs calls “dividers, subjects and notes.” In the course of organizing, I started to rethink my backup strategy for Notability, which was using Dropbox (one of several options) which is my favorite cloud storage service. Unfortunately the nearly flawless Dropbox, is also one of the more pricey cloud storage options ($10/mo) notablityonipadimacso decided to recover a bit of my 6GB of free space and offloaded it to iCloud (I already use the $12/year for 20 GB iCloud Drive for iPhone and iPad data). 

iCloud with OS Yosemite and iOS 8 is now working well enough that it quickly synchronizes the notes, audio and collection of PDFs between installations with the Notability app on my iMac do-able with other cloud services as well. I appreciate having most of my notes accessible on my primary note taking device — my iPad  — and desktop computer without having to work from a cloud drive. Unfortunately I can see the day when this larger the collection is too big to store on an iPad and then it will be time to offload document and photo storage. For now, it is nice to have ALL the documents at my fingertips even when WiFi and wireless are not available.

So if you are using Apple products and need a relatively simple, but very functional note taking and PDF archiving app that works between devices, consider Notability.


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