TechFriday: Magic Mouse Mac users and Google Calendar

Posted By on February 13, 2015

Judging from the suggestions complaints to Google from users making an accidental “mouse swipe” through their online Calendar app,magicprefs2 it looks like I’m not the only one frustrated. The problem of scrolling to the wrong month has existed for years and is most noticeable when using the Apple OS and their Magic Mouse. The sensitivity seems to be exaggerated when using Google Calendar in a browser and it is very easy to scroll back and forth to different months without even realizing it. People have begged for a fix, but so far haven’t found a way to disable to feature on just the Google online app.

MagicPrefsuptodateEnter a work-a-round semi-fix by using the MagicPrefs app to adjust the one-finger mouse gestures used on Apple’s Magic Mouse. I’ve recently installed the app and basically adjusted “only” the diagonal and horizontal scrolling …  at least for now.

After loading the app (auto load at reboot) and bringing up the apps preferences, click “configure scrolling” and uncheck the One Finger Scrolling boxes as indicated in the image below. For my own use, I also resized the sensitivity “patch” on the mouse to reflect only the approximate area used by a scroll wheel. This can be adjusted to meet your personal needs, but since I used a bluetooth scroll wheel mouse on my laptop, de-sensitizing the Magic Mouse on my iMac is not a problem.

If you’ve been fighting the Google Calendar scrolling issue and have a Mac, give MagicPrefs a try.



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