Paper shredder: To fix or replace … that is the question?

Posted By on June 8, 2015

shredderrepairpinJust because it can be fixed (Jury/ Jerry Rigged) doesn’t mean it should be repaired?

The “old-ish” paper shredder in my home office is often over-fed with too many sheets of paper or plastic credit cards. It usually keeps right on chugging until it overheats, but last week it sputtered, ground the gears and stopped.

I almost decided to toss it and buy a new one thinking that 20 years of service was pretty good for a shredder, but instead put it on the workbench. While monkeying around on a few other projects this past weekend, curiosity got the best of me and after taking it apart, found the broken part. The pressure fit pin holding the gears in place had sheared and the gears jumped out of position. A little bending and it is spinning BUT the parts needs to be held in place. Weld, bracket, machine a new pin?

EDIT: Failed rather quickly … replaced.


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