TechFriday: Tweaking WordPress with plugin A3 Lazy Load

Posted By on June 19, 2015

Plugins for CMS like WordPress are a dime a dozen and many improve the look and use of a blog, but usually at a sacrifice of speed. Recommending them is not usually something a3lazyloadI would do … believing that a lean and fast site is better than bulky and slow sites. Unfortunately I’ve fallen prey to a few of them and find the slower speed is secondary to the convenience they add to the blog.

This week I added a plugin that improves “how” a site loads called A3 Lazy Load and it has been working well by prioritizing what is loaded on a page (ie. what you see visually and delaying images and video). It is particularly helpful when accessing MyDesultoryBlog with a mobile device (FYI, I removed the WordPress Mobile Edition after several years, finding most smart devices do a pretty good job with full sites nowadays).

So if you are running WordPress, give this plugin a try, but only AFTER you remove the plugins that are slowing your site down. Try running P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) temporarily … (yes, another plugin), to analyze your site’s performance.


EDIT: After about a month of testing with this plug-in and switching to without, the consensus is that 90% of the time the sites seems faster or at least better without the delayed loading of content. Deactivated and removed A3 Lazy Load.


  • Nate Byrnes

    I think your website ran faster without this plugin, although it could be just the way it loads the many images you post after everything else loads? Do you resize your photo before uploading them? I found that helps with load speeds.

    • Thanks Nate. I was thinking the same thing. Always size photos and keep JPG compression pretty tight. (small file sizes) I do use a few more photos than most so there is a significant load particularly on the home page. Traffic is still not heavy enough to begin offloading much, although I’m starting to shift video to Amazon’s S3 or YouTube.

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