TechFriday: Tweaking WordPress with plugin A3 Lazy Load

Posted By on June 19, 2015

Plugins for CMS like WordPress are a dime a dozen and many improve the look and use of a blog, but usually at a sacrifice of speed. Recommending them is not usually something a3lazyloadI would do … believing that a lean and fast site is better than bulky and slow sites. Unfortunately I’ve fallen prey to a few of them and find the slower speed is secondary to the convenience they add to the blog.

This week I added a plugin that improves “how” a site loads called A3 Lazy Load and it has been working well by prioritizing what is loaded on a page (ie. what you see visually and delaying images and video). It is particularly helpful when accessing MyDesultoryBlog with a mobile device (FYI, I removed the WordPress Mobile Edition after several years, finding most smart devices do a pretty good job with full sites nowadays).

So if you are running WordPress, give this plugin a try, but only AFTER you remove the plugins that are slowing your site down. Try running P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) temporarily … (yes, another plugin), to analyze your site’s performance.


EDIT: After about a month of testing with this plug-in and switching to without, the consensus is that 90% of the time the sites seems faster or at least better without the delayed loading of content. Deactivated and removed A3 Lazy Load.


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