TechFriday: High priced Internet domains in 2015

Posted By on September 18, 2015

As someone who has sold a handful of domain names over the past 20 years, it is interesting to see what prices are being generated (my highest sale was $10,000).

domainextentiongraphicIn 2015 there are a few less impressive high dollar dot-com transfers (overseas) … due to them being “two-letters” I assume… yet they still garnering over a half-million dollars each.

  1. = March 4th at $575,000
  2. = August 14th at $ 550,050
  3. = July 22nd at $554,000

Add a third or forth letter (number) and they can sell for substantial sums too:

  1. = January 7th at $800,000
  2. = July 29th at $500,000
  3. = May 6th at $459,000

… BUT nothing compares to the sale of on February 4th at $8,888,888. (Note: the link for this one does not take you to the porn site)
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