TechFriday: Today a year of Amazon Prime is only $67

Posted By on September 25, 2015

If you are a regular online shopper and use Amazon, you may have contemplated purchasing their annual membership. Unfortunately each year YearAmazonPrime67_150925it seems to go up in price and unless you “shop on Amazon or stream their video content” A LOT, it is hard to justify $99 per year. On the other hand, $67 (the sale price for ONLY today – 9/25/2015) is easier to justify. I have been piggybacking on my daughter’s Prime membership for a year or so now with a “free trial” to take advantage of free shipping on some items I order (FYI … it’s not stealing as sharing is a feature Amazon offer to existing members).

Free trial or paid Amazon Prime members can share certain Amazon Prime benefits with one other adult by forming an Amazon Household. (LINK)

In my calculations, the shipping savings based on my prior year will almost justify the $67 annual fee … so I will take advantage of and sigh up today because … full members will also be able to stream Amazon’s video content and use a few other services. The moving list is not as impressive at Netflix, in my opinion, but worth having for a year.

Other than free 2-day shipping here are six lesser known perks of Prime:

– Free Access To Amazon Music: The music service features over a million songs with unlimited playlists that can be downloaded to devices, just as though you’d purchased the song from iTunes or a competing platform.

– Free Prime radio stations: Similar to a membership that would otherwise cost you $10 per month from Spotify Premium or a paid version of Pandora, this ad-free assortment of stations is a nice perk.

– Free Unlimited Photo Storage: Prime members get free access to Amazon Cloud Drive to store an unlimited number of photos.

– Special Sale Access: Members get 30 minute early bird access to special Amazon sales, lightning deals and additional designer sales from

– More Than 800,000 Free E-books: Subscribers get access to this huge assortment of books as well as the option to borrow one book per month on many titles from the New York Times best-seller list.

– Unlimited movies and tv shows now with offline viewing: Amazon just announced you can download many Prime-eligible movies and TV shows for playback without an internet connection. This option is currently absent from its competitor Netflix. While Amazon’s collection boasts thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as original content, it is not as impressive as Netflix (in my opinion) but growing every day.

If you’ve been thinking about Amazon Prime, today is the day … but you’ll need to purchase it from their full website and not the mobile site or Amazon app (below).



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