Music: Put a little sugar on it honey, put a little sugar on it baby

Posted By on September 27, 2015

musicnotesstaffgraphicMy brother-in-law Gary is in the hospital in Atlanta recovering from surgery this past Friday … and while we were thinking about him, Brenda and I laughed at the few odd things that Gary says and does (some funny and some just odd … I smile just thinking about it!) At one of our family gatherings a few years back when “streaming music” was new, I fed Pandora into our home’s background music. On this occasion I had my Jackson Browne Pandora station playing and Gary was astounded when song after song was tailored to his taste; it gave him pleasurable memories from observing his excited comments and movement!

Music, especially from a happy time in life, can help a body releases endorphins which are natural pain and stress relievers.  With that in mind, I played an old song for Brenda the other day … one she hadn’t heard for a long time and it made for fond memories which had her singing and dancing like a kid. She in turn sent the YouTube clip to her sister to play for RonDante1969Gary with the thought that it might make the day after surgery a little better.

Do you remember the lead vocals singer Ron Dante (left — doubt you remember or even know him?) … but suspect you will remember the Bubblegum Pop genre “song” …

  Name That (this) Tune in 3 notes! – 1969

… AND the fictional Garage Band from the comic book series and the 1960-70s Saturday morning cartoon television show?  (video clip below)

“Sugar, Sugar” written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim. Originally recorded by the Archies.


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