Finally … we bought a new refrigerator

Posted By on October 17, 2015

SamsungSSRefrig151014We waited long enough in deciding what to do with our 20+ year old KitchenAid refrigerator as the cheap paint fix can only do so much in extending the life of our old refrigerator. We opted for the Samsung that I’ve been sitting on the fence about for over a year and realized that we were not going to be remodeling the kitchen anytime soon. The new refrigerator fits great, looks good and is a quiet as a mouse. Although the ice maker doesn’t make and store as much as the old, the in-the-door feature and added freezer space is a plus. The only glitch is that the brushed stainless steel doesn’t match the Bosch dishwasher perfectly … but as I pointed out to Brenda, the angles are different and with the lighting you’d be hard pressed to notice.

Let’s see if I’m as pleased in 20 years!
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