A close call for this California BMW X5 SUV driver

Posted By on December 15, 2015

IMG_6172No this is not our BMW X5 35d … but it is my wife’s biggest fear.

She has had several items fall off trucks or get kicked up from the road in front of her over the years. Usually it’s a cracked windshield or “thunk-thunk” as she bounces over lumber or whatever (alignment issues perhaps?)

According to news reports this past weekend, “Luck was on the side of a SUV driver in San Jose, California, who walked away from his vehicle on Friday with just a scratch after a metal ramp crashed through the windshield.

The huge piece of metal fell off of a truck traveling on Interstate 280 southbound, San Jose Firefighters told CNN affiliate KRON. It hit the road and bounced in the air before crashing through the windshield of the BMW X5 SUV.

The driver was able to pull off to the side of the road safely.”


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