Imagine this happening to a Senator Obama rather than Cruz

Posted By on December 23, 2015

Imagine this editorial cartoon being published by a right-leaning newspaper during a previous presidential campaign … let’s say to a “then” Senator Obama rather than a “now” Senator Cruz?

ted-cruz-daughters-cartoonSomething tells me Democrats on the political left would have settled for nothing less than a full apology from the publisher and possible firing of those involved. At this moment, the Washington Post posted a policy explanation “excuse” rather than even attempting an apology. The editor’s note stated that “it’s generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave the children out of it” (probably meaning only the children of Democratic candidates). Fred Hiatt, editor, did removed the cartoon with an “I understand why Ann thought an exception was warranted in this case…” Pretty weak even if he “failed to look at this cartoon” as he claims?

Pulitzer Prize” cartoonist Ann Telnaes wasn’t much better in her Twitter comment today … very sad for a leading mainstream newspaper like the Washington Post.



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