What a view! Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Drew

Posted By on December 13, 2015

Katelyn sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon

Looking at this sunrise photo at the Grand Canyon on a small screen does not do it justice, so click so it’s full-size; that’s a great photo from Drew‘s new Nexus 6 smartphone.

Perhaps its not just the amazing view or stunning sunrise photo … but the fact that my “crazy daughter” (as Drew titled his email) is sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon taking in this view in person. I recall being in Arizona 40 years ago, but do not remember the views being quite this spectacular. This is one place we didn’t travel to with the kids when they were younger … still no regrets, since they can go for a first time now. I wonder if Katelyn has an appreciation for this kind of natural beauty from our family trips and hiking we did when she was younger?  I’m so glad they are enjoying themselves — Oh … and before I forgetHappy Birthday Drew!


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