First nasty winter drive of 2016 was not too bad

Posted By on January 14, 2016

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This weeks trip back and forth from SW Ohio to NE Ohio was the first with slippery road and winter snow in 2016. There are sure to be a few more winter days this year, but glad to already be into mid-January.

This drive was also the first winter driving for the BMW X5 35d. Although the road never really were challenging, the European diesel SUV handled the slick interstates without a problems. I’m starting to feel comfortable behind the wheel and have found 4 hour stints behind the wheel fairly easy. My biggest “squawk” is the systems management computer detecting glitches “requiring a trip to a BMW service center” or so it says. Everything from detecting a low “run flat” tire pressure (they are all fine — cold weather related) to a “no-start” warning that in 999 miles the vehicle will not start due to requiring blue-def exhaust emission fluid. Grr!  I miss just having a couple lights on the dash.


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