A Ben Bernanke cameo in The Big Bang Theory? #TBBT

Posted By on February 19, 2016

BenBernankeBigBangTheory160218It is fun finding out about cameo appearances in movies and TV programs … as I mentioned the other day with singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett.

Another cameo tidbit popped up after this week’s popular The Big Bang Theory sitcom. According to the commentary on FoxBusiness, the previous Fed chair Ben Bernanke and his wife are big enough fans of the program to have been included in the background … check it out!

While the image below isn’t exactly a cameo … I did smile when I saw it while watching a favorite AmazonStudios “made for television” series Man in the High Castle. The series is based on Phillip Dick’s novel of the same name and in the final 2015 episode, has a billboard from a simulated 1963 San Francisco showing “actor” Ronald Reagan in a Windam “Fresh Air” cigarette billboard advertisement (For the record, Ronald Reagan was a spokesman for Chesterfield cigarettes in the 1940s and 1950s). Great series and looking forward to an even better season 2!



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