Jimmy Buffett made a cameo in Jurassic World – who knew?

Posted By on February 17, 2016

JBinJurassicWorldEvery once in a while, a tidbit of fairly worthless trivia crosses my plate and yet I find it interesting. I heard this week that a long time singer, songwriter, performer, author and obviously actor that I’ve enjoyed my whole life, had a cameo part in last years movie Jurassic World. Hm … Jimmy Buffett in Jurassic World???

I didn’t see him in that movie … oh, a split second appearance (see below the break)thank you Internet.

How about some music from Jimmy … since it has been a while since I included a Jimmy Buffett song:

  Nobody From Nowhere | Jimmy Buffett LIVE in 2010

Come to find out, he’s made quite a few appearances in TV spots and movies and like this one, not all playing himself (I didn’t know he was in From the Earth to the Moon 1998 miniseries either).


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