Enjoying time aboard Encore with Katelyn and Drew

Posted By on March 28, 2016

K & D on Encore March 24, 2016A bit delayed in posting to the blog, but we’ve been a bit distracted. Brenda and I met my daughter Katelyn and her husband Drew for a few days on the boat to enjoy some time together. Way too much time goes by between visits for my taste.

The weather was nice with a few wild thunderstorms (posting ani gif below), and  it was plenty warm and windy for sailing. I particularly enjoyed our day beachcombing and  the several meals out for local seafood (my favorite). Besides the local 12 A buoy, Fort Pierce Tiki Hut and Hurricanes, we also hit a couple regulars like Chilis and Dave’s Dinner (always a tasty but unhealthy breakfast). One thing I missed this trip was eating at Goodfellas with my good friends Mark and Dar … next time for sure!

A couple minor gear failures but it gave me time to tinker on something with the help of Drew … we get along great, which is something I was thankful for with my father-in-law (I do miss Dad Howard). The main halyard blog cracked (spotted by Katelyn I might add!) and a pin from the dinghy outboard motor must have disappeared (think I remember Taylor mentioning a problem the last time he had it out). We were able to temorarily replace it with a stainless steel bolt and even found time to order the new $30 part at the Suzuki dealer.


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