Two more florescent to LED replacements – shoplight this time

Posted By on May 15, 2016


After having success in replacing a couple less expensive IMG_1805warm white 2 foot florescent light tubes with LED tubes the other day, I opted to order a couple 4 foot LED tubes to replace my failing "cheap" shoplights over my garage workbench (eBay $22 w/shipping). I often leave this light on 24 hours a day, so LEDs in this fixture makes sense.

The process isn’t as simple as removing the old tubes and installing the new LEDs, because each manufacture wires their LEDs a little different. The 2 foot bulb were wired from each end whereas the 4 footers used only the pins on one end – make note if you are removing the ballasts and rewiring. For one light this isn’t too bad, but for multiple fixtures in a high ceiling, this could be time consuming.

So far I’m 100% satisfied with the new LEDs and will no doubt do the same as florescent tubes or ballasts need to be replaced.


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