Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful daughter Katelyn

Posted By on May 14, 2016


I love glancing at old photos especially when looking for something to add to a birthday wish — here’s a photo from about 10 years ago when Katelyn was in med school and living in an apartment with her roommates in Kent, Ohio. As you can tell by the "tiny toys" on the address sign, "the Men of 55" (more appropriately "Boys of 55") from next door had visited and were up to their shenanigans. Of course one of those "boys" ended up being her husband Drew, so obviously a little immaturity worked on her!
Anyway, today is Katelyn’s 30th birthday and I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she has become. Happy Birthday … "daughter" (affectionately stated in same tone she says “father”).

EDIT: Drew sent a photo from a birthday night out to a “Beauty and the Beast” dinner theatre production … it was such a great photo I wanted to archive it here (even caught the “glint” of happiness in Drew’s eye – click for larger!).


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