Transmission cooler hose? Once again, AAA pays for itself!

Posted By on September 29, 2016

While coming home from work at 9:30PM Tuesday night, Brenda called and said something didn’t feel right about our 2006 Honda Pilot. No unusual warning lights besides the "wrench" indicating we were due for an oil change, but the RPM were revving high. I stayed on the phone until she turn down our street and that was as far as she could get. AAA_towingHondaPilot

So I grabbed my tow strap and headed down the street in the trusty John Deere 330  lawn tractor. When I got to the SUV, it was surrounded by a cloud of smoke … smelling of transmission fluid. By the time I reach under the front bummer in the dark, it was apparent something was leaking … as Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump would say: "Bigly" or is it "Big League." 

I suspect it could be as something as simple as a transmission cooler line … we’ll see … as it is off to Mr. Godwrench today?

On Wednesday morning, the AAA tow guy rolling in as the rain started …and our PLUS membership again has paid for itself. My advice to those driving cars with higher miles (ours seem to always be over 200,000) is to get some kind of towing coverage, be it through your insurance, a club membership or AAA because "cars are breaking down at record rates."

On a side note, the tow guy commented that he drives high mileage cars too … then proceeded to tell me his current current daily driver is a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta TDI with 325,000 miles. I smiled and asked if he knew about the TDIClub … he said yes and has been wanting to get together with the local CinciTDI group (obviously we ended up talking another 20 minutes).
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