Replacing tires on the John Deere lawn tractor

Posted By on September 5, 2016

New TiresOne of the home/yard updates last week were new tires on our 30 year old John Deere 330 diesel lawn tractor.  It has been a great small tractor and the 16 HP Yanmar diesel has performed flawlessly year after year. I’ve rewired and “plumbed” (rubber hoses with Viton) the fuel system do to an electrical fire a decade or so ago and replaced the original diesel fuel filter setup due to cost with a cheap throw-away (still concerned about filtering to small enough microns).

The recent project was to replace the front tires … I  plugged them so many times that they looked like swiss cheese and leaked about the same. I was hoping to find 4-ply, but due to price opted to replace with the orignal 2-ply (Kendra this time).

I’ve also revisited the old add on generator head for the John Deere after working on the generator/inverter project for the new grill/greenhouse plans. I ordered a heavier duty 5/8″ x 20″ belt and plan to weld up a new mount for the generator head so as to be able to handle a few more watts.

Fuel filter on JD

John Deere 330


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