It is great to work in the garage shop with the woodstove

Posted By on December 12, 2016

WoodstovePoolHouseShop161210One of the pleasures of winter and colder weather for me is hanging out and monkeying around in my garage shop with a fire in the woodstove. It has worked out perfectly for those weekends that I know it is going to be "just me" at home …or when I need a man cave (really dislike that term) to escape to.

This past weekend I worked on a long overdue project (update on that later this week) and probably ended up sitting in front of the fire more than I should have, but I did finish our annual Christmas letteran arduous task considering it gets reviewed, edited, changed and criticized by my wife. She holds final "veto" authority and always contributes the closing paragraph.  Our original letters were all her doing (just like her mom) but nowadays we share the duty –  the way it should be.

Although … sometimes I can get the temperature a little too hot (or maybe the Packard thermometer is hanging in an inappropriate place???)



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